Kusadasi town

This lovely marine city near the Izmir and offers the cruise ships have established Kusadasi as a major port over the last 15 to 20 years, and as a result, the once sleepy fishing village has evolved into a first-class resort with a full infrastructure of hotels, restaurants and shops. Many interesting sites south of Kusadasi can be explored from the town. Kusadasi is just 18 km away from Ephesus, also reachable to others: Priene, Miletos, Didyma a few hours away from the Kusadasi. And the importance of this town, in a picturesque site overlooking the gulf of the same name stretching out towards the Aegean, depends as much on its atmosphere and landscape as it does on fact that it is an ideal point of departure for excursions.

Port Of Kusadasi

kusadasi portKusadasi has a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, providing a long tourism season.The city is bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year.




Kusadasi Marina

kusadasi marinaNumerous powdery sandy with warm&clear waters, providing a peaceful atmosphere, allow a great variety of water and beach facilities. Windsurfing, water skiing, sailing and beach volley are only a few choice for the lovers of active life. After sunbathing restfully during the day, the city awaits the superb sunset. As the sun sets, the attractive cafes and restaurants through the palm-lined boulevard, get busier. It is a great delight to watch the comings and goings of the yachts and ships with accompanience of the panoramic view of the sunset, on a pre-drink before the dinner. The restaurants, serving a variety of fresh seafood & fish and Aegean specialties, offer a delicious meal in Kusadasi. Dancing and entertaining at a lively bar or a disco until dawn, may end an ideal day in Kusadasi.

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About Turkey..

Surely one of the main attractions of Turkey is its wonderful climate. Like most areas of the Mediterranean, Turkey has over 300 sunny days a year, and with over 1,500 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline, it’s the perfect place to enjoy long, lazy days on the beach.

In the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, the summers are hot and dry and the winters are short, warm and mild, with most of the rainfall taking place only from November to February. As the summer temperature is around 86°-105° F (30°- 40° C) and usually above 50° F (10° C) in the winter, you can comfortably swim and sail in these turquoise-coloured waters for nine months of the year.

Blue Cruise

boatAnd thats not all because Turkey has inland mountain ranges, the country can offer a wonderful variety of climates. Imagine being able to ski the snowy mountain peaks in the morning and swim and laze around on the beach in the afternoon.



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